About us

EDMC is currently in its 69th year (see here for our current concert programme).

Founded in 1950 at an inaugural meeting at Strodes College, it had 120 paid up members by its first AGM.   From the start non-club members could attend as visitors for an admission fee and professional artists and lecturers were engaged to bring live music of good quality to Egham. Concerts were given for the first three months at Strodes College and then generous members allowed their homes to be used for recitals and socials.   Scaitcliffe School and Great Fosters Hotel hosted certain events. Fund raising events were held to build a firm financial basis for the club.   Since 1970 the United Church of Egham has become the club’s regular venue.

For many years a yearly concert has featured promising young performers, namely the Young Performers Platform, providing a platform for aspiring local musicians and encouraging them and their parents to join as members.   In 1995 the club invested in a modern Steinway grand piano reflecting its confidence in the club’s future.   There have been many outstanding local personalities involved in building the club over the years and many international artists have performed at celebrity concerts and club evenings.   Their names are documented in the club’s archives and we thank them for the many contributions which they made to establish our music club, which continues to provide live music of excellent quality to the people of Egham and District.

In 2002 the Sonic Boom Programme was started to create musical experiences for young people.  This was supported by a grant from Making Music in its first year.

In 2003 the Singing Seven-Ups, a childrens’ choir, was set up and financed by Youth Music. This, and the then newly-formed Sonic Boom youth choir for slightly older children, then came under the general heading of Egham Youth Music along with the Sonic Boom programme. EDMC is a consortium member.   Some of their concerts also take place at United Church, Egham High Street.  Members of Egham Youth Music are encouraged to attend EDMC concerts by making them free of charge.

In 2004 Egham Youth Music separated from EDMC and are now operatiing independently although in 2005 two joint concerts were organised.   All children now have free admission to our concerts provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Previous celebrities:

The club has been fortunate to have had visits from many distinguished artistes, including:

Moura Lympany
Alfredo Campoli
Gerald Moore
Phyllis Sellick
Cyril Smith
Julius Katchen
Jack Brymer
Richard Baker
Anna Markland
Nicholas Daniel
Freddy Kempf
Peter Katin
Malcom Binns
Medici String Quartet
Gervase de Payer
Gwenneth Pryor
Carlo Curley
Philip Fowke
Peter Katin
Gina Mc Cormack
Philip Martin
Lara Melda
James Lisney


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