Alice Möller

Sadly, our oldest member, Alice Möller, who attended the music club until last season, has died aged 107.  She had a lively interest in the arts and was a member of many local organisations as well as the Association of Jewish Refugees.  Her escape from Austria in WW2 was described during an interview conducted when she was 105. These experiences were documented, in the following book:

Women’s Experiences in the Holocaust: In Their Own Words By Agnes Grunwald-Spier

This link produces two results. The second result includes an extract from the book (the section is entitled ‘Resourceful Women’) and describes some of Alice Moller’s experiences.

The Arts Society Runnymede recorded the celebration of her 105th in 2017 when flowers were presented to her: The following link leads to a copy of that document.

Click to access alice%20story.pdf

She recorded her life in many local talks including one recently at Royal Holloway Women’s Club when aged 106, and two years ago aged 105 at Camberley WI. The event is described on their website (see link below).

Our Treasurer, Rosemary Bentley, attended the inspiring funeral service on 16th June 2019 at St Mary’s Church, Thorpe, to represent Egham & District Music Club.  Previously the club had honoured her 100th Birthday by presenting her with a plant, little knowing she would go on to celebrate another 7 Birthdays!”